6 Best Tools for Digital Marketers

1. Facebook Ads Manager :

⦿ Ads Manager by Meta is a cool tool for creating ads. From Scheduling ads to editing them whenever you want on different platforms like Instagram, Facebook, & Messenger.

⦿ This ads management tool tracks the performance of all your campaigns and provides you complete details of the ad like the amount you’ve spent so far, reaches, impressions, quality ranking, engagement rate, conversion rate ranking and much more.

⦿ You can define your target audience, set campaign parameters for ads, manage ad budgets and so much to get the right audience with this amazing tool. 

2. Google Ad Manager :

 ⦿ From offering tips and insights to help you make better decisions to grow your ads business google ads manager enables you to earn from visitors that don’t even buy products from you.

⦿ It doesn’t offer the complete version as on the desktop but you can view your campaign stats, update your bids, tweak your budgets, and edit your keywords.

⦿ You can deliver different ad forms like video, image, and so on. Google Ad Manager is an all-in-one platform that helps users monetize their video and non-video content and grow ad revenue across all platforms and screens.

3. Google Analytics :

⦿ Google Analytics is a digital marketing application that uses device learning how to provide information for evaluating your own digital marketing overall performance and reaching the right customers.

⦿ One can get shareable reports on the respective purchase, conversion, behavior, advertising, user flow, and more.

⦿ The particular tool can forecast valuable website actions as well as alert about unpredicted events or metrics. You can furthermore import data through external sources for a more extensive overview. 

4. Google Search Console :

⦿ Google search console tool aids marketers to measure the traffic on their website and performance, make necessary improvements & resolve problems.

⦿ You can submit URLs and sitemaps for crawling so that your customers can have a look at the latest content on your site. This tool delivers analytics on your site’s impression, clicks, Google Search ranking, and much more.

⦿ With the URL inspection option, you can also get page data about crawling, indexing, and serving from Google index.

5. Canva :

⦿ If you think you’re not great at designing posters try Canva. Canva is a design app that enables you to create graphics on the go. It’s a great app if you need to make a quick graphic for social media or email.

⦿ This app offers varieties of pre-built templates that make it easy for you to drag and drop elements into places. It also makes it easy for you to customize templates with your brand’s unique style.

 ⦿ It all depends on your level of ideation to create visually appealing graphics for your audience to be attracted.

6. Grammarly :

⦿ Grammarly is a tool that automatically scans your writing for misspellings and grammatical errors. Also, it provides suggestions according to the type of suggestion selected, like audience, formality, domain, and tone, in the beginning.

⦿ Moreover, Grammarly offers corrections for chrome, edge and so much. With Grammarly, you don’t have to worry about misspellings and grammar errors.